Núria Castan Baron

Snowboard Women

Spain's flag

26 years old

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about Núria

Núria earned a FWT20 season Wildcard in the women's snowboard category following numerous podium finishes on the FWT Qualifier circuit. In a remarkable performance, she secured a second-place finish in her home mountains of the Spanish Pyrenees, specifically in Ordino-Arcalis.

As an up-and-coming rider, Núria has plenty more to showcase in her talent arsenal, and she's set to make her return to the FWT24 after a year spent in the Qualifiers. Anticipation is high to see what she will bring to the competition in the upcoming season!

“I have a mix of feelings, but I’m stoked to be back on track. I take it as a personal challenge to see how my mind and body are able to face and overcome my fears.”

Núria Castán Barón
FWT • Home of freeride •