1 February 2024

Because of the Tour with Jackie Paaso – No Fall Zone Episode 3

Jackie Paaso is the guest on this episode of the No Fall Zone podcast. With 11 years of experience on Tour, she has recently caught the attention of the skiing community with her film "Here, Hold My Kid".

Episode 3: because of the tour with Jackie paaso

In this episode, Jackie talks about her amazing ski career, starting from her early days in mogul skiing to becoming a Freeride legend by accident. She also shares her experiences during tough times, including two instances when things got really hard, and highlights the effort she put into her recovery and comeback. Plus, she emphasizes the important role that freeride competitions played in this whole process.

Now living in Åre, Sweden, with her son and husband, former FWT champion Reine Barkered, Jackie talks about the behind-the-scenes of her latest movie "Here, Hold My Kid," which caused quite a sensation last fall at the time of release.

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