18 October 2023

Freeride World Tour announces exciting new partnership with GORE-TEX

The Freeride World Tour and The GORE-TEX Brand are excited to announce a new partnership, which is a significant milestone for both brands.

In recent years, the FWT has implemented an annual Sustainability program to continuously improve its practices. This program focuses on reducing carbon impact, promoting inclusivity, gender equality, and enhancing safety measures to achieve long-term goals.

The FWT has been at the forefront of the freeriding movement, organizing highly anticipated events that have enabled legendary freeriders to fulfill their dreams. It has also played a crucial role in showcasing a new generation of exceptionally talented athletes each year, contributing to the sport's evolution.

Justine-Dufour Lapointe

This evolution aligns with the values of the GORE-TEX Brand, which has a proud history of designing durable products that undergo rigorous testing and deliver exceptional performance, even in harsh conditions, for over four decades.

In today's challenges related to climate, environment, and society, both brands believe that through this collaborative endeavor, they can demonstrate their unwavering commitment to empowering emerging talents as they pursue their dreams. With shared values that prioritize sustainability and strive for gender equality, they are dedicated to forging a more sustainable and inclusive future in the great outdoors as a unified team.