26 October 2021



Outstanding collection of legends, rookies, and wildcards to compete in Freeride World Tour 2022.

Delivering on the promise of putting the best riders on the best mountains, the Freeride World Tour is proud to announce the list of confirmed athletes for FWT 2022. From established legends to wildcards and new rookies—plus athletes returning after a break due to the global pandemic—the FWT class of 2022 looks to blow minds and set new standards for what is possible in Freeride as they compete for the right to call themselves Freeride World Tour World Champion.

Approximately 48 athletes representing 14 countries will begin the season when the tour gets underway for the First Leg of the FWT22 in Baqueira Beret, Spain on January 22.


At the top of the field stand the four returning 2021 World Champions: Kristofer Turdell (SWE - ski men), Elisabeth Gerritzen (SUI - ski women), Victor De Le Rue (FRA - snowboard men) and Marion Haerty (FRA - snowboard women).

It will be a daunting task for any rider to unseat the defending champions in 2022—three of the four have already won multiple world titles: De Le Rue and Turdell, with two world titles each; and Marion Haerty, with the unprecedented record of four world titles. Gerritzen is the only first-time defending world champion of the group.

“My mindset this winter is to push my skills, land beautiful runs, and live exceptional moments thanks to my sport.” 

Marion Haerty - 2021 FWT Champion

“I am driven to succeed, but my motivation isn’t primarily titles and wins. Performance can be measured in so many ways, and competition helps me push myself to focus 100% on the present moment.”

Kristofer Turdell - 2021 FWT Champion

“Another season to come, new dreams and a lot of excitement for FWT22, especially with the new format coming in hot ! See you out there !”

Victor De Le Rue - 2021 FWT Champion

“Winning the world title gave me into something positive, like going for tricks or picking more daring lines. Internally, I’ve always been competing against myself, not so much against others. I don’t think being defending champ will change that approach."

Elisabeth Gerritzen - 2021 FWT Champion


Despite the intimidating dominance of the defending champs, the remainder of the athlete field is stacked with deep and diverse talent. Newly-qualified FWT rookies arriving from the Freeride World Qualifier consistently deliver some of the most exciting performances every season, and 2022 looks to be no exception: 13 qualifying riders join the FWT in 2022.



Though the global health emergency remains a factor in professional sports, FWT looks to rebound strongly in 2022 following the absence of standout riders last season, in particular those from New Zealand. Breakout talents including Craig Murray, Hank Bilous and Jess Hotter were all unable to attend FWT 2021 due to global health and travel considerations. All three will be back in 2022. 

“Having a year off has been challenging in many ways, but also very refreshing. I have taken the time to reconnect with other things in life as well as myself and that feels good. I haven't had much time on snow the past 18 months, but the time off has been really beneficial for my mentality and focus when on snow. I obviously would like to do well in the FWT and will try my very best on the day.”

- Craig Murray (NZL)


The final explosive ingredients in the roster of FWT talent are the Wildcards. This group is made up of experienced riders who missed tour stops due to injury, plus an exclusive few special invitees. Clear standouts in the ski men category is Léo Slemett (FRA) with undeniable winning pedigree looking to make a strong return following injury. Skier and world title contender Jacqueline Pollard (USA) is back from a season-ending injury in 2021, and three-time World Champion Arianna Tricomi (ITA) will return as well. Last but not least, the snowboarder Manuel Diaz (CHL) and the skier Alexis "Lexi" Dupont (USA) will join the roster of world class athletes for 2022:

“When I received the invitation to be the "Wildcard" for The Freeride World Tour 2022, my heart jumped into my throat. I was humbled, and honored and a little nauseous all at the same time. I guess you could call me the Wildcard Rookie because it has been so long since I have been in the starting gate. Since I left the contest world, I have never stopped progressing. I am fully dedicated to the growth of women's big mountain skiing and every season I strive to push my limits in the film world, chasing snow to the far corners of the earth.”

- Alexis "Lexi" Dupoint, 2022 FWT Wildcard

"Thank you Freeride World Tour for this incredible opportunity and recognition. Always wanted to experience the tour and all that comes along with it. I hope to do well and show decent level against my contenders.

Congrats Lexi Dupont for the girl's skiers wildcard! See you all there soon."

- Manuel Diaz on Instagram

A limited amount of (non-injury) event Wildcard spots still remain; stay tuned for this high-profile group of athletes to be announced closer to the competitions.

The calendar has been confirmed, the riders have been assembled, snow has started to fall in the mountains, and Freeriders around the world are counting down the days until the lifts start spinning! The FWT 2022 riders will be ready—what about you?

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