22 December 2023

A look back with Elisabeth Gerritzen – No Fall Zone Episode 1

Dave Mailman, the voice of FWT since the beginning, lifts the curtain and gives a glimpse of what life is really like for the FWT riders. Listen to discover the riders' stories and thoughts behind the scenes to better understand who they really are and how they shape the sport every day.

Episode 1: A look back with Elisabeth Gerritzen

Elisabeth Gerritzen is the first guest on No Fall Zone - the Freeride Podcast. In this episode, she talks about her retirement in October 2023, looking back on an incredible career, her World Championship title in 2021, and her fall in Fieberbrunn 2023 where she was afraid of dying for the first time in her career. She also reflects on women's rights in the freeride industry and delves into her relationship with Verbier and the Bec des Rosses.

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