27 January 2024

Núria Castán Barón Winning Run – 2024 Verbier Pro

Núria Castán Barón (ESP) firmly announced her return to competition after an avalanche incident last season, confidently claiming her first FWT victory. The Spanish sensation sent a huge cliff up top, then linked some dreamy powder turns surrounded by exposure, and finished with a shifty before the end gates.

“I chose a line that was the best option for me; I don’t like to take it easy, so I chose something more technical with a big drop. I am super stoked to finish first, and I think all the girls did a great job. It has been such a personal challenge for me after the avalanche, but I am so happy to get to the bottom with the win – a good start for my dream of becoming FWT world champion!”

Núria Castán Barón, 2024 Verbier Pro winner