31 January 2023

Ordino Arcalís Pro competition confirmed!

Second stop of the FWT23 to take place on Thursday February 2nd in Ordino Arcalís, Andorra following the exciting kick-off of the season.

The second stop of the FWT has been anticipated to Thursday, February 2nd due to weather conditions. As the temperatures are set to increase during the weekend, Thursday looks like the optimal day to have the safest and most fun conditions for the riders to drop in.

The show continues in the Pyrenees

After an amazing beginning of the season, will the winners of Baqueira Beret Pro be able to prove themselves again in the second Pyrenees venue?

Impressive level was shown all over the four categories and from all the riders, but the current leaders are Katie Anderson, Michael Mawn, Addison Rafford, and Max Palm. Will they keep their lead after the next event? Watch out also for the event wildcard Iker Reyes, making his debut on the Tour of the Pros, riding his home face Pic de Les Planes.

The Cut is now not so far away, and the riders will really need to push their limits to secure a spot on the finals. This means that the action is guaranteed here in Andorra!

Live coverage starts at 9:20 CET, with the running order as follows:

  • snowboard women 
  • snowboard men 
  • ski women 
  • ski men

Watch the World's best riders dropin live

Come and watch the action if you’re in the area. Otherwise, remember that all FWT events are broadcast LIVE! Watch all the action as it happens, at, with incredible user-friendly replay options available to make sure you don’t miss a trick.    

Stay tuned to the FWT social media channels for updates and rider news, as competition day is just moments away. 

Get ready to watch the world’s best freeriders in action – Ordino Arcalís drops soon.