12 January 2024

Parallel Tracks with Lily Bradley – No Fall Zone Episode 2

Lily is the guest on this episode of the No Fall Zone Podcast. Here she talks about her return to the Tour after last year's knee injury and her new film "People like us" by Ryan Colins.

Episode 2: Parallel Tracks with Lily Bradley

She also talks about why she feels comfortable on skis, emphasising that skiing is a non-gender activity. She also talks about how participating in freeride racing has helped her recover from anxiety and mental health issues. As a Californian, Lily reflects on the legacy of her ski resort, Palisade Tahoe, surrounded by many famous skiers. She shares her goals for the upcoming FWT season and opens up about her dual lives as a student at one of the most prestigious universities and as a skier, existing in two different worlds with distinct communities.

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