1 December 2023

Refresh your Avalanche safety knowledge before the season!

Winter is back and the mountains are calling! Refresh your safety knowledge with Cody Bramwell in the four episodes Safety Tips Series produced back in 2022.

Episode 1: How to prepare your freeride trip?

In this first of a four episodes series, we dive into how to prepare your trip into the backcountry and what equipment is key to have with you!

Episode 2: How to recognize avalanche risks?

In this second episode, we dive into how to recognize avalanche risks in the backcountry!

Episode 3: How to move in the backcountry and make the right decisions 

In this third episode, we dive into how to move in the backcountry and how to make the right decisions.

Episode 4: The Basic Rescue Skills 

In this fourth episode, we look at the basic rescue skills that are fundamental to master to go into the backcountry.

Kindly reminder: Before going freeriding always follow an avalanche safety course with a professional mountain guide. There is no replacement for regular training and practice when it comes to mountain safety.