8 February 2023

Safety in Freeriding FWT23 Riders Safety Workshop

At Freeride World Tour, safety is our top priority for our athletes and staff. We understand the risks associated with competitive freeriding and the challenging environment in which the sport takes place. That's why we ensure that riders and our team are fully equipped with the latest safety gear, both on and off the slopes. Mandatory equipment includes a helmet, back protection, avalanche airbags, beacon, probe, shovel, and Recco searchable device to keep them safe from potential harm.

In addition to wearing mandatory safety gear, every rider must attend mandatory safety workshops throughout the season and follow strict safety guidelines during competitions. We work with our partners Recco, Black Diamond, Vibram, and Scott to accomplish this mission. We are doing everything in our power to ensure the safety of our team as they push the limits of freeriding. Remember, safety always comes first! #safetyfirst #FreerideWorldTourFor