22 March 2024

Erin Sauve Winning Run – 2024 YETI Xtreme Verbier

Erin Sauve (CAN) dropped a whopping score today to take the YETI Xtreme Verbier win and leapfrog ahead to take the FWT crown in her maiden FWT season. She lined up two huge cliffs out of the gates with exceptional board control before linking multiple turns and another cliff.

erin sauve freeride world champion

“I am beyond words. I am so excited that my run went well and the snow was great. It will take a while to sink in. I am so excited to be World Champion, but I want to return next year and push it even harder, go bigger, and show the world what women snowboarders can do. I dedicate this to everyone who helped me get here – all their time, energy, and support – and I couldn’t have done this without them.” 

Erin Sauve, YETI Xtreme Verbier Champion and 2024 Freeride World Champion