22 February 2022

The Ultimate Festival Week in Fieberbrunn

Are you looking for a week full of action, thrills, and adventures in the mountains? Then we have just the thing for you.

In March 2022. the first Finals event at Saalbach Fieberbrunn will feature a revolutionary best-of-two-runs format. Each rider will have two runs, with only their top score counting towards the final results. Freeride is traditionally a one-run sport, and this format update is certain to push the riding to stratospheric, never-before-seen heights ahead of the all-important showdown at the Xtreme Verbier!

The TUI BLUE Fieberbrunn offers you the perfect accommodation for the winter sports event of the year. They offer you the opportunity to take part in the Tour with the Freeride World Tour Package.

The Freeride World Tour Package offers you a unique experience on top of a ski pass for 6 days and a mountain safety training session. During the safety check, you will be trained for avalanche situations, so that you are ready in case of emergency.

You don't want to miss the Freeride World Tour in Fieberbrunn? Then secure your room at the TUI BLUE Fieberbrunn with Freeride World Tour Package now!


You have the possibility to book further exclusive packages for your Freeride World Tour week.


Early risers beware! With the First Line, you will get your money's worth!

The first gondola ride shortly after sunrise is reserved exclusively for you! You make your first turns on pristine, freshly groomed slopes. The crackling and glowing of the fresh snow will make every skier's and snowboarder's heart beat faster. As a special highlight, the riders of the Freeride Worldtour will accompany you and will take you on an exclusive powder-skiing session!

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Who hasn't always wanted to be a "spectator" when the world's best freeriders choose their line for the contest?

At the Riders Meeting, the famous Wildseeloder is presented in all its facets. Flo Orley, the freeride legend, shares his knowledge with the FWT22 riders. This is the time when riders prepare and plan their lines for the competition!

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High up at 2118 meters above sea level, at the summit of the Wildseeloder, you can see the start gate of the competition. Have you ever wondered how it got up there?

The day before the contest you will go on a guided tour with race director Markus Kogler up to the summit of the Wildseeloder. You will take the same route as the riders take on the day of the competition. Be there live when the start tent is flown up to the summit. It is unloaded and fastened at the summit with precision. After a fantastic downhill run on the back of the Wildseeloder, you will have the opportunity to visit the TV production tent at the finish.

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Tour up to the finish area for the dreamlike sunrise and be pampered in the VIP area.

The day of the competition, before sunrise, you will tour up to the finish area. You will be accompanied by a local guide. Your efforts will be rewarded with a fantastic sunrise! Once you arrive at the finish, you will be welcomed as guests in the VIP area. From there you will have the very best view of the contest. 

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Enjoy a comfortable ride to the finish area with the piste taxi and be pampered with culinary highlights in the VIP area.

On the day of the competition, after breakfast, you will go on a comfortable ride with the piste taxi to the finish area of the competition. Once you arrive at the finish, you will be welcomed as guests in the VIP area. From there you have the best view of the contest and will have the unique opportunity to witness the world's best freeriders draw their lines live. In the VIP area, you will be spoiled with culinary highlights, so that no wish remains unfulfilled!

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Discover the freeride mecca of Fieberbrunn through a girls-only session!

On untouched deep snow, the two-time freeride world champion Nadine Wallner shows you the most beautiful corners of Fieberbrunn. Nadine will give you practical tips and tricks for powder skiing. An exciting day and experience money can't buy!

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