International Mountain Day | Freeride World Tour

International Mountain Day

On December 11th, we celebrate International Mountain Day! The mountains are our favorite playground, perfect for adventure, challenge, and exploration. Without them, the FWT would not exist.


We pay homage to the beauty of the mountains of the Freeride World Tour in our latest video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the very best of aerial cinematography. All captured at FWT locations.


“Mountains must move to the centre of our attention – and it is time to move mountains to secure the changes we need to secure the health of our planet and to build a sustainable future for all.” 

— António Guterres, General Secretary of the UN


Because mountains are a crucial environment, we need to be able to enjoy them while preserving them. That’s why this year’s theme is “sustainable mountain tourism”.

Did you know that mountains provide freshwater to half of humanity and that they are home to 15% of the world’s population, and host about half of the word’s biodiversity hotspots?

As the global climate continues to warm, mountain glaciers are melting at an irrevocable rate affecting the rising of water level and threating access to freshwater. More than ever, we need to reduce our carbon footprint and be more sustainable.

Since 2020, the FWT has implemented concrete action to reduce our carbon footprint. Promoting carpooling and public transportation to access to our events, mountain clean ups, minimizing single-use plastic during our events and in our offices, all these actions contribute to building a more sustainable future for our mountains and us.

Want to share and celebrate your love for mountains? Use the hashtag #MountainsMatter on social media and let’s celebrate the beauty of our mountains all together!