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New and Renewed Partners for 2023 and beyond

New Partnerships with SCOTT, Pit Viper and DC shoes, as well as renewed partnerships with Alpina, Dynastar - Lange, Recco and GoPro.

Freeride World Tour is proud to announce three new partnerships for 2022: SCOTT, Pit Viper, DC Shoes. In addition to these new members of the global Freeride family, FWT is honored by renewed partnerships with Alpina Watches, DynastarLange, Recco and GoPro.

Winter after winter, we here at the Freeride World Tour aim to set the global standard for jaw-dropping freeride entertainment, taking the sport to new heights with with the best riders on the best mountains backed by cutting-edge media production that brings the public into the heart of the action. But none of this would be possible without the indispensable support of key industry partners.

FWT23 Partners


Three new partnerships announced for 2023 and beyond



From humble beginnings inventing the world’s first aluminum ski pole, to a global sports powerhouse, specializing in everything from goggles to freeride skis, SCOTT is one of the most recognizable brand in the mountains. FWT is delighted to partner with SCOTT from 2023 to 2025.

"We are proud that SCOTT will once again be sponsoring the Freeride World Tour. With a long heritage in freeriding, SCOTT was one of the first sponsors, and we’re happy to again to be on board with this pillar of the freeride community. The Freeride World Tour is the ideal platform for connecting with and supporting skiers and snowboarders around the world who are also passionate about the backcountry."

- Reto Aeschbacher - CMO, SCOTT Sports

"FWT is proud to partner with iconic brand Scott. Scott was a partner of the first Verbier Xtreme in 1996. Together we are making freeriding progress as (arguably) the most exciting action sport!"

- Nicolas Hale-Woods  – CEO, Freeride World Tour


Pit Viper

Pit Viper exploded onto the scene 10 years ago with its dazzling array of sunglasses, and has grown exponentially in both its product offerings and stoke for freeriding. The partnership between FWT and Pit Viper will initially run until 2025.

"Pit Viper was conceived in dirty ski bars after long days of hucking our meat, heckling fools from the lift, and having the most fun possible on the mountain. Now that we're partnered with FWT and the apex of big mountain skiing we can finally tell our Moms that 'We've gone Pro!' Winter's around the corner, prepare to DEMAND RESPECT AND AUTHORITY with Pit Viper at the 2023 FWT!

 - JP Gendron - Director of Partnership and Sports Marketing

"FWT is very excited to partner with PitViper and share the hype of their vision!"

- Nicolas Hale-Woods - CEO, Freeride World Tour


DC Shoes

DC Shoes is a company that needs no introduction, as for nearly three decades its footwear and apparel have been enjoyed and respected by all. DC Shoes will partner with FWT until 2025.

"FWT is proud to partner with DC, a historical major player of board sports. It is an honor to welcome DC in the FWT partners family!"

- Nicolas Hale Woods - CEO, Freeride World Tour

New Freeride World Tour Partners


Renewed partnerships with Alpina, Dynastar - Lange, Recco and GoPro


Alpina Watches

Returning for the 2023 season, Swiss watch manufacturer, Alpina, will once again showcase its range of professional timepieces, which are designed to cope with extreme mountain conditions with style.   


Dynastar - Lange

Two legendary brands return to partner with FWT until at least 2025, with both companies at the top of their respective games in the industry.



RECCO Technology® has been providing an extra level of safety to skiers and snowboarders venturing into the backcountry for years. FWT always puts rider safety before anything else, and is therefore delighted to have RECCO onboard until at least 2025. Nicolas Hale-Woods about the importance of being searchable by all means in case of an accident. Watch the video here.



The sport would not be the same without the high-quality images brought to you by partners such as GoPro. These robust and versatile action cameras allow audiences a close-up view of the extreme zones our athletes seek out in each event.    

Returning Freeride World Tour Partners


The continued support from previous sponsors fills me with great enthusiasm for this season and beyond, and I am absolutely thrilled to welcome four exciting new members to the freeride family. SCOTT is one of the most iconic brands in the sport, and was a partner of the first Verbier Xtreme in 1996. The company will once again help us make freeriding – arguably – the most exhilarating action sport in the world. We are also excited to partner with Pit Viper, and share its vision and unrivalled energy with the freeride world, as well as with DC Shoes, one of the heavy-hitters of the snowboard scene and a true historical icon of the sport.

−  Nicolas Hale-Woods - CEO, Freeride World Tour


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