27 November 2023

The Ultimate Showman is back!

Big mountain charger and crowd favorite Abel Moga returns to the big stage this year with a Season Wildcard. We asked the stuntman on skis a few questions, and tried to uncover exactly what he has in store for his fans this season.

You are back on the Tour! How does it feel, and what does it mean to you?

I am very grateful to be back on the FWT, and super motivated to do better than last year. Being able to travel and ski with this group of GOATs is the best way to improve my skiing... and my English [laughs].


The rivalry in the Challengers last year was very tight, with riders performing at an extremely high level. Did you find it difficult? And how hard was it being in a triple tie for points?

The Challengers series has such a high level of skiing, and being in the top four is especially challenging. I was unsure if I would find form after my fall in the first event in Nendaz, but I skied well in Fieberbrunn, which gave me the spark I needed to keep fighting for a spot on the Tour. The second contest in Nendaz was also one of the sickest I have ever seen, with everybody landing a solid run. Overall, I am super stoked for the people who made the cut; they all deserved it.

Last year, you landed an insane superman frontflip at your home stop in Baqueira Beret – sending the crowd into an absolute frenzy – but got docked some points for control. What are your goals this year?

I want to land a solid run and give my people a good show. Plus, I have a feeling that conditions will be on point this year on the Baciver face.


You have already built a reputation for charging big mountain lines but, at only 22 years of age, do you consider yourself a seasoned veteran or still more of a rookie?

I honestly don't consider myself a veteran! When I joined the FWT, I was certainly one of the youngest, but now I guess you could say I am around an average age for a tour rider.

We all know how close you and Aymar are. Will he be your coach this year? Or at least be in your corner at some of the events?

No, he won’t be my coach, but I am sure we will ski together a lot this winter, and I know he will always be there to help me in any way he can.


Are you looking for redemption by sticking your signature move – the front flip – on the Bec des Rosses this season?

F*** yeah! If I get into the finals, why not? [Laughs] It would also be great to be able to compete from the top this year.

Do you have any other big tricks you are looking to unleash this year?

Not really. I think for a contest, you need to only send what you land almost 100% of the time. I am happy with my 3s, backies and front flips. Maybe a rodeo 3 could be another option, but that depends on the conditions.