FWT Qualifier

2024 French Freeride Series La Thuile Qualifier

For the seconde time, La Thuile is hosting a Freeride World Tour Qualifier 2* organized by French Freeride Series from 2nd to 3th March !

French Freeride Series

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10 Mar, 2024
La Thuile
<strong>n. 27 – Le défi</strong>
2'608 m
313 m

La Thuile is a small mountain village, in Valle d'Aosta, a sports destination of international fame, both for winter and summer tourism, which has maintained the truest and purest dimension of the mountain. A place where the community has always been committed to preserving the environment, implementing strategies for sustainability. Close to the metropolis of the north, easily accessible by highway and airports, but away from the hustle and bustle, La Thuile is the wild side of Mont Blanc.
With its 791 inhabitants distributed in 11 fractions, and its density of just over 6 inhabitants per square kilometre, the country gives everyone ample space and reconnection with a powerful nature that becomes an energizing element for a personal upgrade.
La Thuile is an hour and forty minutes from Turin, two from Milan and three from Genoa just 15 km (25 minutes) from the Morgex motorway exit, less than an hour from Chamonix (France), an hour and a half from Geneva (Switzerland) through the Mont Blanc Tunnel. There are more than 40 restaurants and bars and more than 35 place to sleep (hotels, B&B etc.). There is a free shuttle to get around in the village; there are several parkings for cars and motorhomes.




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